Each class will produce a 5-7 minute show in any one of several formats: a news broadcast, a news magazine format, a story line, a talk show, a skit, etc. T

The subject may be anything of your choosing, but must contain evidence of knowing the three parts of any story line ( a beginning, middle, and end).

You are encouraged to advertise your show in any manner you see fit (video commercial, posters, audio PA announcements, etc.).

You will first make up a story-board and write a short paragraph that describes the main focus of your segment.

The objective is to for you to tell your story using as many visual story-telling techniques as possible.

Remember, the video should be in focus and properly framed, according to the techniques we learned in class.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
English (Story-Telling) , Technology (Animation), Media Literacy

How you will be graded
Your show will be graded on style, presentation, and a determination as to whether it actually tells a cohesive story. The grade you receive will be based on quality of technique, topic chosen, production skills, and teamwork as evaluated by your instructor, as well as originality in advertising.

Whether you win or not is not a part of the final grade.

Digging Deeper
How Does Sweeps week work?

Videos shown in class: