Stop Action Video

You are to produce a three minute video consisting of a series of pictures that tell a story. Different from still pictures, this video consists of a series of the same picture or object that is recorded in various stages of continuous actions that, as a result of being taped in intervals of one-second frames.

Your final project will present a "flow of animated activity". The frames may consist of anything that you chose, but, remember, their composite must actually show fluid action and tell a story, based on the three elements of story-telling we discussed in class: a beginning, middle, and ending.

You will first make up a story-board and write a short paragraph that describes the story-line.

Don't forget to include music background that supports your story-line. The objective is to for you to tell your story without words, and to present your ideas in a milieu that properly sets the mood. Remember, the video should be in focus and properly framed, according to the techniques we learned in class.

Persistence of Vision Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
English (Story-Telling) , Technology (Animation)

How you will be graded
Your presentation will be graded on style, presentation, and a determination as to whether it actually tells a cohesive story. Your accompanying music must correctly correspond to the topic and supplement your story-line.

To teach you about the importance of schedules and time limits that generally accompany video projects in real life, you will be graded as to how closely you come stay within the three minute time limit. You will be given a 15 second lee-way (plus or minus).

Videos shown in class: