Still Shots Video

You are to produce a 3-5 minute video consisting of still pictures that tell a story. This story may be about anything that you chose, but, remember, their composite must actually be made up of the three elements we discussed in class: a beginning, middle, and ending.

You will first make up a story-board and write a short paragraph that describes the story-line.

Don't forget to include music background that supports your story-line. The objective is to for you to tell your story without words, and to present your ideas in a milieu that properly sets the mood. Remember, the video should be in focus and properly framed, according to the techniques we learned in class.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
English (Story-Telling)

How you will be graded
Your presentation will be graded on style, presentation, and a determination as to whether it actually tells a cohesive story. Your accompanying music must correctly correspond to the topic and supplement your story-line. be copyright free.

Video(s) shown in class: