Script Writing Activity

In this web-based scavenger hunt, you will learn, among other things:

This activity is an orientation activity to class discussions about script writing for television. Your goal is to find out as much as you can about television script writing in the time allotted, answer the questions, and be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

Using the links, answer the following questions (suggested site in parenthesis):


1.On the TVwriters' Homepage website (HINT: Look under How-to on the left side contents panel and go to the Case Histories page), list six (6) pointers for successful news scripts :







2. Name two (2) style differences between a news script and a script written for a teleplay. (HINT: Look on any one of the television station sites):



3. See how many of the following terms you can find on the television station sites:

a) tease:

b) cut-in:

c) slug:

d) super:

4. You may spend the rest of the time allotted perusing other script writing sites.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)

How you will be graded
Each student will receive participation points for completing the questions.

Digging Deeper
Script Writing Secrets

Tips on Scripting

Video(s) shown in class

The Annenberg/CPB Project sponsors a series on news writing. Three videos from this set are particularly useful:

#1: What is News?
#6: Good Writing versus Good Reporting
#8: Broadcast News Writing