Ratings Quest Activity

In this web-based scavenger hunt, you will learn:

This is a follow-up to class discussions about television news and will help you determine the answer to the following ultimate question: Do you think ratings affect what is shown on the news?

Using the links, answer the following questions. The team with the most correct answers wins.


Current Ratings
AC Neilsen Web Page  
How ratings Work
What is a "Share", "HUT", "PUT"?


The first five answers come from Ultimate TV. (Hint: for some of them, you may have to look in the archives).

1. What is the site name (URL) for where you can find information on the latest ratings/rankings? http://www _______________.com.

2. In the Top 100 shows report, find the favorite TV Show of all time: _______________________.

3. What was the order ranking for the latest ratings period? Place the number of the ranking order next to the network? (HINT: Ratings are a business issue).


4. What network did FOX acquire and premier in August of 1998? __________________________.

The following can be found on the Nielsen, and subsequently listed web pages. AC Nielsen is a company that is the leading provider of media research in the USA.

5. How long have they been around? ___________ yrs.

6. Where is the AC Nielsen computer located? _________________________.

7. What is a "share" What does a rating % represent? _________________________.

9. What is a "HUT"?_____________________.

10. What is a "PUT"? _____________________.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
Math, Media literacy

How you will be graded
The team with the most correct answers wins.

Digging Deeper

The Math Behind the Ratings:
Sampling /Blocking

ROAR Newsletter
Learning about TV Ratings

Instructional Material Related to Polls & Surveys:
Reliability: What's the Difference?

Video(s) shown in class
Against all Odds: Inside Statistics; PBS,
The Annenberg/CBP Collection.
The Chronkite Report: Headlines and Sound Bites, (1997), The Discovery Channel.