Additional Teaching Moments (A+ Moments)

Often, when implementing a curriculum, a teacher will come across a supplemental concept or idea that further extends the learning opportunities s/he had intended to provide with the original set of lessons. Usually these are "bright ideas" derived from an "ah-ha!" experience one has while brainstorming, taking classes, or discussing things with peers. This page is set up to point out great new ideas that will help extend the learning experiences found in the book. Each idea probably should have been included  in the original text (and may well be in future editions), but either came up too late for publication, were inspired by feedback gotten from my students when I was using the book in my own classes, or were sent in by the group of  initial teachers who tested the book in their classrooms, or others using this web site in their classes.

Teachers and other users of the book and this web site are encouraged to send in their ideas. A feedback form is included at the end of this page for those who wish to have their "moments" included on this page. Proper credit will be given to anyone who offers their ideas for others to use in this way.

Moment #1: Viewing the Electromagnetic Spectrum, like any other natural resource, that needs to be managed & protected.

Moment #2: 


Alternative teaching methods (like a Personal System of Instruction -PSI) to teach equipment usage.
Moment #3: How to buy a television set, in light of all the changes in the industry (HD-Digital TV). Should you wait or buy one now?
Moment #4: Analyze Marshal McLuhan's famous quip:

"the medium is the message"
Moment #5: Analyze the following quote from the Communications Act of 1934:

"in the public trust"



Use the area below to send in your ideas. Once received, they will be placed on this page for others to use. If you so indicate, your name and e-mail address will also be published so that other teachers  may contact you so you can share any supplemental materials you may have that goes along with the lesson.  Any personal information you send with your idea will be used in any other way. 

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