Interview Project

You are to conduct and produce a three to four minute interview with one of your classmates who will play-act, "in character", one of the individuals listed in our Broadcasting "Hall of Fame".

Your questions should be appropriate for the famous person you have selected and should consist of seven to ten questions. You should develop the themes and actual questions on the Interview Preparation Sheet provided in class.

You may also combine this project with the Decades Project. In that case, the person being interviewed will be someone from your chosen decade.

The objective is to for you to insure a smooth interview that consists of revealing questions and should avoid those that may be answered with a simple "yes" or "no".

You also need to insert during post-production a series of pictures or footage about the person or timeframe that supplements your topic.

Remember, the video should be in focus and properly framed, according to the techniques we learned in class.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
English (Script-Writing) , Media History

How you will be graded
How is you on-screen technique? Do you remember to pass the mic back and forth? How valid are the questions? Guidelines for the the length of the interview are not exact, but it should not last longer than 3-4 minutes. It should be appropriate for the amount of information you choose to reveal about the personality.

You will be evaluated on the choice of shots (over the shoulder vs frontal view), your ability to edit in footage of the topic being discussed or inserts of you listening to the interviewee, etc.

Digging Deeper:

Videos shown in class: