What's the big deal about 2006?

We've all been hearing about HDTV, digital broadcasts, and the re-alignment of the electromagnetic spectrum. Events are happening so fast, that capturing them in a book would be very difficult. It would be out-dated before it is even published. Therefore, the best way to keep up is to utilize the Internet. This page is dedicated to providing links to sites that will help you keep abreast of the developments in Washington, and in production, technology, and the marketplace.

For those who wish to be brought up to date on how all this hoopla got started, the best source of information about the development of digital high definition television quite possibly is Joel Brinkley's Defining Vision.

Many thanks to Dr. David Ostroff, from the University of Florida, for providing many of these links.

The sections below have been broken down by category. These links were last checked in July, 2002, and were working as of that date. While we try to keep things updated, web page addresses do change. If you find a broken link please e-mail me to let me know.

General Background

Perhaps the best place to get started is Robert Cringely's Crash Course, published by PBS. Also, check out other resources on their "Science & Technology" Page.

There is a entire web site dedicated to High Definition TV called, strangely enough Digital Television.com.

HDTV Newsletter has an on-line version at web-star.com

Current Briefing, the HDTV Forum, and HDTV Defined, are good ways to introduce yourself to the benefits.

Industry Developments

Broadcasting & Cable Online publishes information about Digital & HDTV in almost every edition.
Digital Television and the Consumer describes the differences between all the different formats (480p, 1080i and 720p)
The Advanced Television Standards Committee always keeps up-to-date on latest developments.
The National Association of Broadcasters is a good source of information about HDTV and digital formats.
Broadcast Engineering Magazine has an on-line version that dedicates much space to the topic.


Technology & Equipment

Another good source for information on technical developments is the manufacturers themselves. Among those who have provided information in the recent past are:

Panasonic Corp
Sony Electronics

For more information regarding the technical issues DV Magazine is a good source.

Regulations & Legal Issues

As one might suspect, the FCC also dedicates space to Digital and HDTV.
Another good source for information on the latest legal and regulatory issues is the Webb Foundation.