Decades Project

You are to produce a 4-7 minute video about one ten year period of time that demonstrates what it was like to live during that era.


The 1940's
The 1940s House


Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe: the 1950s
Nostalgia Central

1960's Slang Dictionary
1960's Cultural History: 1960-1969
1960's Ladies' Style Guide

Super 70s Rock Site
Seventies Flashback
In the 70s

Super 70s .com

In the 80s
The 80s Server
Eighties Flashback

In the 90s
For the 90s Search

Nineties Flashback

We have arbitrarily divided the time frames at the end of each decade. However, as we learned, things did not change overnight. You may borrow some concepts from an earlier or later decade to make a point.

The objective is to help us come to a conclusion as to whether television was influenced by what was going on in the world, or the events of the time were reflected in the shows. You need to answer the basic question...

does TV accurately portray the world we live in?

Remember, the video should include things such as fashion, fads, music, movies, and of course, television. Your video should be presented using footage, still photos, and imagery that utilizes HyperStudio and or PowerPoint as a backdrop.

This project may be linked to the Interview Project to add "flair" to the outcomes. In that case, the interview is an integral part of the Decades Project, which now becomes a "news magazine" format that includes an interview of a famous person from the chosen decade.

How You will be Graded
It is important that you capture the essence of the decade that you are shooting. The video should tell a story set to music. You will be graded on the basis that you create a project of the correct length , and that it demonstrates an understanding of visual story-telling.

Inter-disciplinary Subject(s)
English, History

Digging Deeper

Videos Shown in Class
There are various videos that can be purchased that cover the decades, including ABC's 45-85